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Our Wedding the 7. June 2014 at the Rødvig Inn & SeaSide Hotel

This is why we chose Rødvig Inn & SeaSide Hotel
We chose to have our wedding at the Rødvig Inn & SeaSide Hotel. When we were looking at the different possibilities for the wedding party, in connection with our marriage, we visited Rødvig Inn & SeaSide Hotel. Here we got the grand tour of the hotel from the owner Jonas, who talked about their party ideals. We fell for the hotel’s charm, the superb location, the lovely party room overlooking the Stevns Klint and the adjacent courtyard. Furthermore, the Inn’s rooms were all very charming and a perfect option for the guests who wanted to stay overnight.

Before the wedding we felt comfortable and were in good dialogue with the owners and the chef about the big day. Table plan, menu, wine, and overnight stays at the hotel was well coordinated with the staff, who are very friendly and professional in their work. The Inn’s wedding ideals include among others a conversation about the menu with the chef. The chef created some menu suggestions and we gave our input, so the menu was personal and just as we wanted it. On the day of the wedding, the quality of the food was fantastic.

The Big Day
We were wed in Strøby Church on Stevns, and had our wedding photos at Stevns Klint, which is a gorgeous location for pictures. We arrived at the Inn in an old vintage car in the afternoon. Meanwhile, our guests arrived, and enjoyed the Inn’s courtyard. The Inn’s Wedding-menu also includes a wedding cake, which we decided to serve in the afternoon. It was so delicious, filled with mocha cream, and beautifully decorated with chocolate and fresh berries.



Welcoming the Guests
We welcomed our guests on the lawn in front of the Inn, before the wedding dinner. Here our guests enjoyed a drink with the extraordinary view of the Cliff and the ocean. The large lawn was also great for taking pictures of all the guests.

The Dinner
The dinner lived up to all our expectations. We had salmon for starters, fresh and delicious, the meat was tender and juicy, and the side dishes were hot, fresh and tasteful and were decorated with interesting local herbs. It was clear that the kitchen focused on delivering top quality food with a local and seasonal touch. The serving during the dinner was discrete, accurate and highly professional. We were so happy with the dinner and the party.

Our Recommedation
All in all, we recommend Rødvig Inn & SeasSide Hotel for their friendly and professional management of the wedding, as well as the staff, their choice of high quality wine and food, and last but not least, the Inn’s charm, view, rooms and pleasant surroundings.

The Best Wishes
Heidi & Jakob


Wedding at the Rødvig Inn & SeaSide Hotel

Thanks a bunch for helping set up the perfect setting for our wedding! Everything was just as we had hoped for, people were happy, not only with the beautiful surroundings but also the food and the lovely service.

Kenneth & Camilla


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